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Over the past 25 years, Dr. John Stropko, with the help of his wife, Barbara, has earned an international reputation by working in the profession with an unconditional commitment to the achievement of excellence.  Dr. Stropko, has been an author in numerous professional publications, has given over 25 live Endodontic MicroSurgery demonstrations in universities both nationally and internationally.  He has lectured to many endodontic specialty audiences world wide, and has just completed the "MicroSurgery" chapter in a new international text book, "Endodontics", to be published in both English and Italian.  He has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Boston University’s Goldman School of Dental Medicine, a visiting instructor at the prestigious Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation in San Diego, California and an Assistant Professor at the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.  More about his outstanding professional career can be seen at www.stropko.com if interested.

In so many years of traveling to his lectures and teaching residents and specialists, he never left home without a container filled with his own home-made hot salsa.  It was not unusual for someone in the audience to come up and ask, "Did you bring your hot salsa with you on this trip?" As his retirement drew closer, Dr. Stropko became more interested in making the enjoyment of his unique hot salsa mix available to more people.  Thus, the J BAR B COMPANY, LLC was founded.  The name of the company was derived from his first initial "J" and then used his wife’s first name, "Barbara" (Barbie) to finally choose J BAR B COMPANY.

Both Dr. Stropko and Barbara are originally from the Midwest and have spent the last 25 years in the Southwest.  They both appreciate and enjoy authentic Southwestern and Mexican food, especially the spicy dishes.  John and Barbara are unconditionally committed to several principals that will apply to whatever products are produced under the J BAR B COMPANY name.  They promise that only the finest, natural ingredients will be used and there will never be any preservatives added to any of their products.  The J BAR B COMPANY would be dedicated to serve as an example of quality, value and service to the consumer and delivering wonderful and unique tastes to their table.

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Home of Award Winning Salsa Mixes
and Gourmet Seasonings

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Hot Pepper Awards 2007 Winner

Zest Fest 2006


"Yours was one of the products that we brought back from ZestFest that we used up and loved it so much that we were determined not only to get some more...but to give it a nice write-up on our blog sometime soon.  Heck, we used it in a recipe for something OTHER than salsa and loved it.  We can't imagine how good it'll be using it in a salsa!!!"

..........Joe & Linda L., Columbus OH

"The Bonanza Salt that J BAR B Company has produced is the best seasoning I have ever tasted. It is perfect on Steak, Fish, Salad and pretty much everything you eat that needs to be seasoned. The blend of spices is just right and the addition of a small amount makes everything taste wonderful. I have never found a product that I can truly say I can't live without, until now! Thanks J BAR B Company and keep that Bonanza Salt coming!"

..........Kevin P., Phoenix AZ

"Debbie and I thoroughly enjoyed your salsa mix.  It was an eye popper for the lightweights at our party.  We added a Green Zebra tomato or two and it gave it an interesting color. I am confident salsa lovers will come back for more."

..........Jim & Debbie T., Fayetteville AR

"Bonanza Salt is my preferred seasoning for meat, poultry, seafood, and fresh vegetables.  I never cook without it!"

..........Scott H., Prescott AZ

"Dear John,
When you first asked me to try your J BAR B Hot Salsa Mix.  I thought to myself what can be so different about this sauce? After mixing up a batch according to directions WOW! Not only did this sauce have a unique and wonderful flavor, but it was a real BANG! to the palate.  The heat was intense yet the flavor of the sauce comes through.  My daughter who has outstanding culinary talents came by and tasted the sauce and was delighted, she said this would make a great enchilada sauce so she took half of the mixture and added more tomatoes and poured it over some enchiladas she had made.  The results were wonderful.  The heat was slightly reduced but the flavor was so complimentary to the enchiladas.  THIS SAUCE IS A MAJOR WINNER FROM ALL ASPECTS!"

..........Justin A., Dallas TX

"Dear Dr. Stropko,
Your J-B Salsa is fantastic! Easy to make and good with everything.  This is the best Salsa I've had and I've eaten Salsa from Canada to Mexico."

..........Bob G., Montana

"I purchased both your salt & pepper at the Bob Wills festival in Turkey. I told you I would grill some steaks utilizing the pepper as a marinade. I poured a respective amount of Lea & Perrins® [Worcestershire Sauce] on the steaks and then put the pepper on both sides, turned the steaks after fifteen minutes, turned them over for another fifteen and then grilled them. This makes a very good steak with a pleasant and distinct flavor. Add a glass of Shiraz to the meal and enjoy."

..........John H., Pampa TX

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